Integrative Psychological Medicine

About Integrative Psychiatric Care

Hello and welcome to Integrative Psychiatric Care (IPC). At IPC, our practice will focus on helping patients and their families with current evidence-based treatment. We will provide behavioral health evaluation encompassing a broad spectrum such as psychiatric diagnosis, medication management and providing psychotherapeutic resources. At IPC, we consider the patient as a whole person, not just a diagnosis. Enhancing the patient’s total well being is our focus as we examine the mind, body and spirit. We place the patient in an active role and key partner of all aspects of his/her health and treatment plan. Also, with IPC’s assistance, patients will set daily and future goals for overcoming health issues and living an adaptive life. 

We look forward to meeting you and starting your journey towards better living. 

What to Expect at Integrative Psychiatric Care

We want to make sure that your first visit with us is a success. We ask that new patients please plan to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment. This allows them time to fill out all necessary paperwork.

New Patients
Please bring all related prescription bottles, if any, and provide your preferred pharmacy to the administrative staff upon arrival.

For any prescriptions related to your mental health from a different provider like your primary care provider, please be sure to let the staff know. In addition, include that on your list of current medications.

Follow-up Appointments
Please plan to arrive 10 min before the appointment for check-in and to update our system with any new information.

Always check your pill count before your appointment and request any refills.